Tonut Vineyards and Winery is located in the Collio DOC area between the hills and the Friuli Isonzo appellation, in the wine-growing core of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the symbolic heart of Italian wine production: the Collio DOC area extends from the foot of the hills to the Collio hills, while the Isonzo del Friuli DOC area lies on the plain along River Isonzo. The generous and hospitable territory of Cormòns, which includes some 1600 hectares of vine-clad hills, has a deep-rooted history: for centuries, here, wine-growing has sustained the lives of the locals, and exudes from every place, from the past into the future, in the age-old traditions and modern, advanced knowledge. The result of this combination is the great DOC wine that grows in an environment blessed by an ideal microclimate influenced by the mild breezes from the Mediterranean and protected by the Alps.

Vineyards and winery

It is in this unique setting that Tonut Vineyards and Winery has its firm roots: the estate extends over about 40 hectares, of which 30 are planted to vine and 10 are allocated to different crops of grains and vegetables, and small piece of woodland. The winery is set in a seventeenth-century courtyard which pleasantly blends in with the surroundings and the lush green Collio hills in the backdrop. The partnership between the favourable microclimate and the soil composed of marls and sandstone, make this territory ideal for vine growing and the production of premium wines. Only the passion this family has for what they do make this unique combination reach perfection.

Soil and microclimate

Marl, stones and sandstone give Tonut wines their savoriness and mineral edge; wines produced using traditional methods that respect the land and achieve top quality. Viticulture at Tonut begins with excellent growing techniques, the vines are trained espalier in the Cappuccina (double-arched cane) and Guyot styles.

Every portion of soil is carefully exploited for the peculiarities it offers: indeed, Tonut vineyards are not part of one single plot but rather several plots of land located in various areas on the Collio hills and in the Isonzo plain.